VINEGAR champions artists. We facilitate the creation and experience of contemporary art, infusing it into communities to support, challenge, and enrich our collective consciousness.

VINEGAR seeks to create a vibrant contemporary art center in Birmingham, Alabama that fosters artworks and projects that are ambitious, experimental, and socially relevant. Our vision is to sustain arts programming that is responsive to its history and its future for the people who live here. We strive to contribute to the city’s culture through conversations and connections made possible by art.

VINEGAR values:

  • Supporting artists and their projects

  • Emphasizing experiences over commodities

  • Expanding the scope of visual arts programming in Birmingham, Alabama and beyond

  • Attracting artists to Birmingham

  • Helping artists contextualize their artwork within Birmingham and its history

  • Creating a dialog with other arts institutions in the US and internationally

  • Showcasing all forms of visual art with an emphasis on emerging and experimental art forms, and art that pushes the boundaries of its medium

  • Championing diversity; exhibiting and supporting artists from underrepresented groups

  • Upholding high standards for ethical and environmental impact in our methods and materials

  • Creating art and events that are accessible to people of all economic, social, and cultural situations

  • Making a substantial, long-lasting positive impact on Birmingham


Website and media by Melissa Yes. Logo by Ryan Meyer. Headshots by Savannah Jo Turner.